Friday, September 4, 2009

My Cards Through the Years

I decided I hadn't posted these pictures of my other cards I did these past few weeks. If you would like any information on any one of them, just email me or post it here as a comment and I will get back to you soon! Hope you like them.

Request for Help!

This morning I received an email from Tracy at FredSheSaid. She posted a request from all cardmakers to go to Erin's blog and read about this little girl that suffered injuries in a boating accident. She had to have her arm amputated. A card shower would be wonderful for this little girl! Let's all shower her mailbox with hundreds of cheery cards to help make her days better!Here is the photo of the card I sent to her today. Here is the link to Erin's blog where you can read the article.

Sorry, this is an old post, but thought you would still like to see the card.
Hugs, karla

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sure Sign of Fall....

Here it is already September! Where did the Summer go? Kids here in our small town will be heading back after Labor Day. I have seen on the tops of some trees that the leaves are changing colors just a little bit. We have had the past week nights in the 30's and 40 degree temperature range. Along with the colder days comes the flu season. I know the flu is on everyone's minds these days. Just remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds or more, and if you have to sneeze, sneeze in your sleeve in the crook of your arm.
We still have our garden in and am wondering if we will have tomatoes this year. Thank you to the 4 legged deer and their after midnight munching we lost the tops to our tomato plants and some green tomatoes!

Anyways, back to the topic of cards, that is what my site is supposed to be about. I have managed to make a couple cards the last few days that turned out pretty cute. I got to try out my little corrugator gadget which I have had for several years and haven't really worked with it. I made this card using a technique of folding the corners in on a square piece of cardstock. Then I took my little inkpad and swiped it across the ridges of the paper, giving them even more dimension. Here is what it turned out like. Hope you like it.

And my second card I did I saw it made using rubberstamps. But I didn't have those stamps or anything that was like them. So I used my scissors and cut out a shape with pink cardstock and then painted white polka dots all over it. Then took my round sponge dauber and tapped it on my black inkpad and used it for the "eyes" at the top of the "nose". You can see the results for yourself. I was quite proud of myself for improvising and using things I had at home, without having to go out and buy it. In these trying times with our economy, it sometimes pays to be creative!
Until next time, Stay creative! Hugs, Karla Sue