Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Springtime In Michigan

Here we are close to the first week of May, and the temperatures are still hovering at nighttime in the 30's. Daytime temps have been in the 50's. That is good. Time to think about planting seeds in my flower boxes and hubby tilling up the spot where our vegetable garden is. Can't wait for the homegrown tomatoes' made into fresh salsa or canned up for next winter! I know, getting a bit ahead of myself. Guess wishing won't make it happen

I have been a little behind in making my greeting cards. Lots of other things that need tend to. But I did manage to do a few this winter. Mostly for card swaps for the Yahoo Groups I am in. I don't participate as much as I should. Here are a few cards that I have done recently. Hope you like them.
Card I made for a swap that wanted us to use
some sort of sewing on the card. I did the corners.
This is also a card I did for a recent swap
which was a card of any type or what we
call a "Free" card.
Card I made for my Grandson's 6th birthday in March, we
also bought him his first fishing pole. He loved it!

Greeting Cards

A card I made for Mother's Day 2014

One of my favorite pastimes is making greeting cards. The 3d decoupage being my favorite. It involves finding an image and printing it out 3-4 times. Then I use one of the images for the base, and then cut what parts I want to enhance on the card and build up. Sometimes when I am done, I will brush on a layer of Liquid Laminate just to make the image brighter than the rest of the card. The more detail I cut out to use is a plus for me because I love a challenge!
Embellishments could include a pretty ribbon, some gems, pearls, or peel off stickers for borders.There are also metallic gold, silver etc sentiments. For example: Happy Birthday, Get Well, Congratulations, Sympathy and the list goes on. If you haven't ever made your own greeting cards, you should give it a try. You might get hooked like I did! Until next time, Stay Creative!
3d Card I did. Love the birds!
May 2014
Cap & Gown Graduation Card for my Grandson