Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reasons of the Heart

In March and April of 2010, I have had every corner of my heart tugged at. Two little ones who have fought and are still fighting a battle with different types of cancer. 1st one is a little girl named Leighara Smith, whom I met in January of 2009 when they were in Michigan visiting their family. They reside now in Alaska, but have just returned home after spending from September 18, 2009 through March 4, 2010 going through treatments not in Alaska, but in Seattle, Washington. The doctors in Fairbanks weren't equip to treat her for the cancer she had which is called Wilm's Tumor. So they for 6 months lived in Ronald McDonald House. They are now home in Alaska and she will be going for a check up soon with her doctor there. Her family and friends here in Michigan, had a benefit dinner and Auction to raise money for her medical expenses. I made and donated a box of my greeting cards and donated a crocheted baby blanket.
Now I just finished a box I decorated to put cards in for a little boy who's fighting leukemia, and his grandmother works at the factory where my husband does. He asked her if we could donate a box of greeting cards for the auction. She was delighted! I got the box done and to go into it...30 greeting cards for all occasions. I hope what little I can do can help out at least a little. Please keep the little ones and anyone else who is fighting this battle in your prayers. here are some pictures of those cards and the recent box I made for them. Remember, Stay Creative!
Hugs, Karla